We provide a comprehensive set of services in the field of Lean Six Sigma, Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement. If you have a particular requirement which is not listed here, please just get in touch and we can talk about it.

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Key services include:

We provide training, coaching and consultancy on every aspect of Lean and Lean Six Sigma

We can guide you through every step of your Lean Six Sigma journey irrespective of whether you are just starting or are moving into a new phase.

We can help you decide on the approach best suited to your organisation. We recognise that everyone is different and faces different challenges. We are highly flexible and are not fixed to particular ways of providing support.

We deliver a series of progressive training courses from Yellow Belt, through Green Belt and Black Belt. We regularly configure training to meet specific client requirements. We also provide introductory executive awareness workshops and champion training.

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We also have a comprehensive set of online training modules – visit Learn Lean Six Sigma for more.

Getting Started

* Answering: Are we ready for Lean and or Six Sigma?
* Design of your programme
* Identifying and prioritising your most promising improvement projects
* Business case development


* Executive awareness training
* Establishing the right support structure
* Integrating Lean Six Sigma with your existing management systems
* Selecting potential programme participants
* Linking Lean & Six Sigma with your other initiatives

Training Options

* Online Training & Coaching
* Face to Face Training & Coaching
* In-House or Open training
* Consulting
* Blended versions of the above


* Delivery of Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt training and project coaching
* Certification and recognition for your new practitioners
* Delivering projects which provide financial or other worthwhile benefits

Do you need solutions in a hurry?

Rapid Improvement Workshops are a great way to generate and implement process solutions in short order.

These workshops focus the energy of your team exclusively on a particular problem area or process which requires performance improvement.

Within 1 – 5 days (depending on problem complexity) the aim is to deliver as complete a solution as possible within the duration of the event. Some people call this type of event a “Kaizen Blitz”.

The workshops are action oriented, highly participative and extremely satisfying for employees who will experience significant progress in a very short period of time.

We Fully Support You

* We provide full support to organise and be the facilitator of your Rapid Improvement Workshop.
* We adopt a positive, unbiased, independent view during the process.
* Our aim is to help your team make substantial progress and generate great results.


* Preparation for a Rapid Improvement Workshop is critical for success.
* We invest the required time with you and your team up front to ensure everyone and everything is ready to hit the ground running.
* Your team will know what to expect – and what not to expect – from their Rapid Improvement Workshop


* We work hard to engage everyone in your team and help them to participate and contribute.
* We lead the team through a pre-planned agenda taking logical steps towards a result.
* We use tried and tested systematic problem solving methods but your team needs no prior knowledge of these.


* The aim of these workshops is to deliver results, as far as possible, within the duration of the event.
* We will drive your team to achieve the above.
* In any workshop though, there are always follow on activities. We lead your team to generate formal action plans to ensure completion.

‌Learning is good. Application of learning is better.

We believe in providing the specific support you need. Despite covering just about every aspect of process and performance improvement, our menu of courses continues to grow and flex to new emerging requirements. We can configure training to meet your exact requirements and normally don’t charge for customisation of courses.

As you would expect, we are results driven people. Therefore, we want to see you gain a return on your investment.

We drive this in three ways:

  1. We discuss the course content with you prior to commencing any training to ensure what we deliver covers your needs entirely and has the right emphasis.
  2. People learn more if they are enjoying themselves. Our in-person training courses are highly interactive with imaginative hands-on exercises.
  3. Our training courses are often backed up with coaching sessions. These are designed to support your people in applying what they have learned. The value of training comes not just from the learning, but also from the application of that learning.

Getting Started

* Gain familiarity with your organisation
* Understand your current situation and challenges
* Discuss priorities and options
* Create & agree a plan


* Configure training and coaching that best fits your needs
* Select participants
* Select improvement activities and projects
* Establish improvement teams


* Deliver content according to your needs and chosen emphasis
* Maximise use of examples & case studies relevant to your business
* Provide one-to-one and team coaching and support

Programme Options

* Online Training Options
* Face to Face Training
* Consulting
* Blended versions of the above

Perhaps you’ve heard of “The Toyota Way”

What’s “Your Way”

We help organisations, small and large, to create their very own Operational Excellence and Cultural Change processes.

Your organisation has its own specific challenges and priorities, so simply picking up and using someone else’s route to excellence is unlikely to be successful.

It’s important for you to devise your own path to excellence specific to your current situation and future aspirations.

We can help you do this and support you at every step of the journey.

For example, we’ll help you to define what “Excellence” looks like for your business, establish where you are relative to this standard, support you in closing the gaps and making it all sustainable. More below…

Define your path


Build engagement

* Determine the Components Of Success (COS) for your organisation.
* For each component, establish what “Excellence” means specifically for your operation / business.
* Hence develop your maturity model.
* Establish your internal Excellence Change Team.
* Generate enthusiasm, commitment and urgency in your people for achieving excellence.

Perform Your

Operational Excellence

Gap Analysis

* Put your personalised "Excellence Model" to work by performing a business diagnostic.
* Engage your people in a self assessment of your current reality versus future aspirations.

Drive Forward to Excellence

* Provide tools to prioritise your improvement activity.
* Train your people on systematic ways to close the gaps and achieve “excellence”.
* Establish mechanisms for you to track progress and monitor results

Make it Sustainable

* Establish routines and embed the process.
* Develop ways to build on success and recognise the contributions of employees
* Develop the Champion group and create a review process.

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