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Strategy Deployment and Performance Management Solutions

FocalPoint Software System

We have designed and developed our own software system which helps clients define and plan their strategy, as well as manage performance during the strategy execution phase. The system is called Strategy FocalPoint and, as the names suggests, it pulls together in one place, all of the elements an organisation needs to make real progress towards its long term strategic aims and shorter term goals and objectives.

Whilst this web based system has comprehensive Corporate Performance Management functionality, it provides clients with capabilities far beyond traditional dashboard systems.

The solution has been built from scratch based on extensive consultation with client organisations as well as our own experience gained from working with legacy applications.

FocalPoint includes many innovations not seen in other “performance management” systems.

FocalPoint is a software based Strategy Deployment and Performance Management Solution which brings the following key capabilities to an organisation:-

- Strategy Design and Deployment (provides a structured approach)
- Performance Dashboarding (drives focus on priorities)
- Business Methodologies Manager (deploys best practice)
- Strategy Maturity Tracker (turns strategy into action)


Adoption of FocalPoint allows organisations to achieve the following:

Performance definition


FocalPoint is a web browser-based application. This enables us to implement the solution on a “Software as a Service” basis (SaaS). This approach offers a number of significant cost savings and benefits over the traditional on-site installation. FocalPoint will run on a standard desktop PC and requires Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 8 or above).

Want to Know More?

We’d be delighted to demo FocalPoint for you, or just talk to you about Strategy Deployment and Performance Management. Call 07802-365-799 or email here.