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Lean Six Sigma

Six Sigma training with Colin Barr Associates

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Lean, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma - What we Offer

We can deliver your entire Lean Six Sigma Programme and will work with you to decide on the approach best suited to your organisation. We are highly flexible and are not fixed to particular ways of providing this support. We recognise that every client is different. Customisation to your needs is part of our service and normally we don’t charge extra for this. Some clients want only a Lean programme, others wish to combine both Lean and Six Sigma - we deliver both methodologies.

We can help you in the following areas:-

"*" Getting started
"*" Answering: Are we ready for Lean and or Six Sigma?
"*" Definition of your programme
"*" Executive awareness training
"*" Support structure design
"*" Identification of Lean Six Sigma projects
"*" Integration of the programme with your existing management systems
"*" Customised training for your organisation
"*" Identify potential participants
"*" Delivery of Black Belt, Green Belt, Yellow Belt training
"*" Mentoring projects to ensure you net financial benefits
"*" Coaching your new Green Belts and Black Belts
"*" Providing a certification process for your practitioners
"*" Linking Lean and Six Sigma with other initiatives e.g., strategic direction, EFQM, etc.


Your lean Six Sigma partner, Colin Barr Associates


Our Approach

The Fundamentals
We believe that effective problem solvers command the right balance of 'hard' and 'soft' skills.  Lean Six Sigma Black Belts need to be able to inspire, motivate, and lead people as well as manage projects and implement fixes.

Hence our training includes but also goes beyond imparting problem solving and statistical tools.
Our aim is to develop results oriented practitioners who know as much about 'releasing' people as they do about 'controlling' processes.

Application In Service and Manufacturing
We believe that the application of Lean Six Sigma techniques is limited only by ones imagination. Despite starting from a manufacturing base, the techniques are just as relevant in the service sector. Some might even say that the opportunity here is greater. Public and Private sectors alike stand to benefit from the application of this methodology. Our training content is full of examples from both service and manufacturing so that it appeals to and has high relevance in both areas.

We come from the school of thought that says – people will learn more if they are enjoying themselves. Hence our training courses are highly interactive with imaginative hands-on exercises. Participants get to grips with the theory via practical application exercises. We continuously develop these learning tools to keep them fresh and relevant.

Potential To Customise
Our standard Six Sigma 'package' is ready to go. However if your organisation has particular requirements we can talk about that too. Our package is modular - flexibility is built in.


Comprehensive support for your Lean Six Sigma Performance with Colin Barr Associates


Open Courses Here

Open Courses in Lean Six Sigma
Whilst most of our work is done with specific clients we also recognise that some organisations might require to train just one or two Green Belts or Black Belts. Hence we continue to offer training on an “Open Course” basis where a variety of organisations attend. As well as providing full training, these courses are often a great way to hear from other organisations about their improvement efforts. It’s an excellent opportunity to benchmark and to extend your professional network.

For the latest news on open courses click here to go to our training page.

New to Lean Six Sigma?

Many people are still unaware of exactly what Lean Six Sigma is and how it can help an organisation. If you'd like more information pdf click here to download a quick overview.

You can download Adobe Reader here if required.

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