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Process Improvement

Flow chart detailing the steps of process improvement

Alignment is Key





Process Improvement

We are interested in helping organisations make process improvements in all of their activities. We use tried and tested techniques and are confident that we can help you.


Cost Reduction

Our objective is to achieve significant, measurable, and sustainable process cost reductions for client organisations. Our methodology applies to any business process - administrative, production, transactional, technical, design, management, other. Our approach is to ensure we reduce costs whilst still maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. We can provide details of case studies if you wish, but click below for a short summary of some recent ones".

Examples of Recent Cost Reductions - pdf Please click here to download. You can download Adobe Reader here if required.


Getting more for less


Performance Management & Measures

We work with organisations to create aligned performance metrics and systems. We help you identify the best measures for your business at the various layers of your organisation. We design methods for the collection, analysis, presentation and display of your information. The objective is give you the most incisive view of how the organisation is performing and what actions you need to take to successfully manage the business.

We help your people understand the difference between a good and a poor measure; a leading and lagging metric; an aligned and a misaligned system.

Modern technology can churn out masses of numbers – it can be overwhelming - we help you separate the wheat from the chaff and get the core of what’s going on. Alternatively, you may have a dearth of numbers with which to manage the operation. We can help establish the minimum but necessary systems you need.

Decisive management through insightful measures


People and Change Management

Change LeaderProcess Improvement demands Change. Often people don’t like change. We have seen groups trying to change processes but avoiding (not addressing) the people issues which inevitably arise. Clearly this is a big mistake. People often feel unsettled at having to drop well established and understood routines. We work with organisations to manage change in ways which encompasses both the people (emotional heart) and the process (rational mind) aspects of improvement.

We also train “Change Leaders” – people who know and understand how to lead both the “hard” and “soft” aspects of change within a business.  

Change is the only constant


Process Improvement

You could characterise every process for it’s Effectiveness, Efficiency, Lead Time, Flexibility, Capacity, and Quality. So as well as Process Cost Reduction, we work with organisations who want to improve processes in a whole variety of dimensions. We are
very experienced in this area and utilise current best practice methods to achieve
these objectives.

People + process = performance



From a deep understanding of customer needs, comes the definition of strategy, to which the whole organisation must be aligned. Easy to say; harder to do. We use five simple principles to make your strategy work. We facilitate the creation of aligned Strategy Maps for your organisation, and define how strategy will be deployed.

Taking strategy out of the Board room and onto The Line



We work with organisations to understand how to satisfy and delight customers. By utilising systematic techniques we identify and prioritise what is important to your customers. We can help resolve difficult customer issues and create and support the implementation of customer complaint systems and procedures.

Only through understanding customers, can we create a meaningful strategy, define the people and the processes we need, manage our performance, and generate worthwhile financial and other results – but it all starts at the customer !

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Excellence is in the eye of the customer.

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