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Change Leader

Bringing about significant change in an organisation can be fraught with difficulty.

However, by adopting the right approaches we can maximise your chances of success.

This is the basis of our Change Leader programme.

"Change is the Only Constant"

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The Web Based Leadership Tool

- Manage your Objectives
- Coordinate your Business
"*" Programmes
- Deploy Best Practice
- Manage KPIs

Everything you need to make progress in one FocalPoint.

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Process Cost Reduction

Reducing process costs is one of our core competencies. We can help you identify and eliminate unnecessary, potentially hidden, costs from your operation.

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Metrics in Your Business

- Current measures don't show you what you need?
- Too many/Too few measures?
- Loads of data; not much action?

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"*"May 2012 - William Grant & Sons Six Sigma Programme
"*"May 2012 - Smith Anderson Green Belt Training
"*"May 2012 - Castle Precision Engineering FMEA support

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Colin Barr & Associates - enabling improved performance

Specialists in Business Process Improvement using best practice methodologies including Lean Six Sigma.

Our mission is to enable improvement within your organisation. We will help you achieve higher performance levels, improve processes, reduce costs, elimate unnecessary waste and solve particular problems. We provide this service through a blended combination of training and consultancy.

Clients engage us for:

We run Lean Six Sigma Programmes in all sorts of formats.
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We drive Process Improvement - technical, administrative, business.
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We deliver first class Training in an extensive variety of subjects.
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We lead Project Management efforts to achieve set objectives.
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We deploy corporate performance management systems.
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We support, facilitate and drive transformation and change programmes.
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We perform Data Analysis to support good decision making.
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We facilitate business meetings and team development.
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Colin Barr & Associates: Lean Six Sigma Scotland, Green Belt training and Black Belt training.