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Business people at a meeting

Facilitation Approach

We will help you:


Work through difficult topics in a participative way which builds consensus


Focus and leverage the collective experience in the group


Generate innovative solutions


Surface hidden assumptions


Resolve conflicts and build bridges between people and groups


Help the group communicate and make decisions in an effective manner


Establish a positive meeting environment and outcome





Our facilitation helps your group make high quality decisions, establish the best action plans, and make real progress.

Like it or not, meetings are part of life in business. The question is – how effective are they? Sometimes we are too busy to pay proper attention to the process elements of a meeting. However a properly facilitated meeting can have significant benefits when important decisions, solutions, and actions are required.

We have a proven track record in helping groups:-

"*" Identify current performance / realities
"*" Establish reasons and root causes
"*" Create compelling future visions
"*" Select from the best available paths to reach those new aspirations
"*" Formalise practical action plans to make progress

 a facilitated event

Facilitation - Some of our recent projects.

We have facilitated a large number of projects. Here are some recent ones:-

"*" Helped a Public Sector organisation create an approach for reducing operation costs by £30m
"*" Restructured an inefficient multi-committee process on Real Estate Planning
"*" Defined the working model for a Strategic Development Group
"*" Enabled a cross functional manufacturing group to achieve a 20% Yield Improvement
"*" Resolved the two party conflict in a Purchase to Pay process with a £1.3m issue
"*" Improved the partnering relationship between a commercial supplier and a public sector customer
"*" Re-defined the business model for a catering organisation.

 facilitated meeting

Facilitation - Our Particular Approach

We like to use innovative techniques in our facilitated sessions. We endeavour to establish a creative working environment. We believe that you get more out of teams and individuals if they are enjoying themselves – so we often use a little bit of fun and have found that it goes a long way in getting a meaningful discussion on very serious issues.