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Data Analysis

Data Analysis information showing bar chart indicating growth

"Data Rich :
Decision Poor"

Modern technology often provides organisations with loads and loads of data. So much so, that it’s sometimes hard to see the wood from the trees. Let us show you some great foresting techniques.

"Data Poor :
Decision Risky"

Sometimes organisations have a very limited amount of data. The questions become :–

Can we make good decisions based on what little data we have ?
Should we spend more time or more money collecting more data ?

We can help you answer these types of question.



Data Analysis

We help you convert Raw Data into Good Business Decisions

One of our core competencies is analysis of data. Our aim here is to convert raw data into straight forward information which clients can use to make good business decisions. We will lead you through this process.

We’re not here to impress you with maths – we’re here to summarise the situation, simplify the content, uncover what might be hidden, clarify what’s going on, and present you with a picture that makes business decisions easier. It's all about giving you the right insight to take the best action.

Colin Barr Associates - Super Crunchers , converting raw data into good business decisions.

What's all this data telling me? - What does it all mean? - What should I be doing next?

That’s what we’re here to answer.

We take lots of numbers and look for patterns, signals, connections, and correlations – which lead to specific conclusions and point you towards practical future steps.

We separate the wheat from the chaff – the vital few from the trivial many -  and we prioritise a number of documented recommendations.  We use lots of pictures to tell the story.

We have the capability to rigorously determine which of your process inputs, are key  to driving the performance of your process outcomes.

We can either perform analyses alone or we can train your people and leave you with an ongoing capability. Hence through time you become self sufficient in this vital area of your business.

We do both graphical and numerical work. We do not do anything that can’t be explained in layman's terms.

Our tools are a combination of Minitab Statistical Software and Microsoft Excel – but don’t worry about the technicalities for now – that’s why we’re here.

Colin Barr Associates - Data analysis services - mining for gold in your data analysis